using your Health Insurance


We accept the following types of health insurance:

- The MBHP family of MassHealth plans

  • MBHP
  • Steward Healthcare Choice
  • Partners Healthcare Choice
  • Community Care Cooperative
  • Be Healthy Partnership


Q. Do you take other forms of MassHealth?

A. The only forms of MassHealth we take are listed above. If you are not sure which one you have, call MassHealth and ask which behavioral health plan you have.

Q. I have a PPO health insurance plan with an insurance you do not take, can I have the plan pay you directly?

A. We do not accept direct payment from any insurers for whom we are not in network. You would be responsible for payment to us but we can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company. You may be able to get some of the cost of the evaluation reimbursed by your PPO plan after the fact but you should call them before we get started to doublecheck.

paying privately


Self-pay fee structure

If you are paying privately for testing, we work on a flat rate model with a variety of packages and components based on your clinical needs, the purpose of the evaluation, and your preferences.

Generally speaking, for all evaluations we offer two different options, testing plus a full report, or testing plus a briefer summary. In both cases, you receive an appendix containing all your scores and 1-2 sessions in which we go over the results and recommendations with you.

We would discuss with you at the conclusion of the initial consultation session which testing package we would recommend based on your situation and needs. We have found that for self-pay, the flat rate model works the best, as there are no surprises for you as to cost as we go along. Generally we ask for half the testing fee at the first testing appointment and the balance before we write the report, but we also offer payment plans through Square if this presents an hardship. We take cash, checks, and credit cards.


Depending on which psychologist you see, the initial consultation is $250 to $275.

Testing packages range from $1900 to $3750, depending on what is involved and which psychologist you see.

Stand-alone cogntive testing for private school admissions (usually just the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) is $375-$400.