From a parent

"Claudia completed a neuropsych evaluation for our son. She did a very thorough and thoughtful job, taking time to cover all the bases in order to make an accurate diagnosis that weighed a lot of interacting factors and life context. I really appreciated the way she made a diagnosis while acknowledging that not all the evidence is in -- that time can change things and that there are possibilities for change and re-evaluation after our son has more time to learn. I also appreciated her realism about the way that IEP's work in schools and the fact that she focused on ways that our son's needs would be best met by the system with certain language in place, while acknowledging that that same language might need to change with future re-evaluation. The final report and diagnoses were incredibly helpful and confirming, and she gave us good advice about specific help our son would need - resources we could investigate in our role as parents and referrals for local therapists. I highly recommend her evaluation process for anyone with kids who have suspected learning disabilities, and anyone with foster or adopted kids who have a history of trauma, neglect, or abuse.". - V.A.

From an adult client

 "Thank you for putting so much work into my report, Flannery. The information is enlightening and I look forward to educating myself further. I have enjoyed thinking about things from a new perspective and have found your input very helpful.  I appreciate your expertise and dedication." .- J.G.

From a parent

 "Flannery, I really want to thank you so much for your thorough, thoughtful and careful report for my daughter.  While I recognized that she was pretty anxious, I obviously underestimated how much it was getting in her way.  I am really grateful to you for making this so much more clear. I think she finally feels heard... she also thinks you are very cool.  :)

She is having her best semester ever and I feel confident that you were a big part of the solution. We are so grateful to you and your input, suggestions, and recommendations." - K.C.